We have provided for the use & fun of our customers a very spacious darkroom which consists of a large cruising area and 10 individual cabins along with a large sling room for the more adventurous.

We also operate a  safe sex zone so make sure you have your condoms and lube with you.You can get free condoms and lube from either the coatcheck or from the bar staff.
All of the below pictures were taken using flash photography, it is very dark so bring your satnav or night vision goggles :-)

Stairway to the darkroom from the bar, with our iconic stair painting
Some of our roooms with glory holes provided for your pleasure. There are also towel dispensers provided. All we ask is that you help keep it relatively clean by putting your used paper towels in the bins provided, we all hate to walk through the streets with paper towels stuck to our boots ! !.......................Thanks
The private sling room, for that extra bit of adventure, comfort and privacy. There's a rmirror on the ceiling so you can see the action from all angles. Again there is a sink  and paper towel dispenser so that you can clean your self up afterwards. Please leave the sling room as you would like to find it :-)
In this area of the darkroom you can find toilets and sinks (so you dont have to go up and down the stairs to the main bar). Also there are lockers which you can place your things in if you dont want to use the coat check in the main bar or you have an early start to the day (small fee applicable)
Your emergency or private exit. This exit gives you the possibility of leaving the darkroom without having to go back to through the main bar.

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