The Old Days

Welcome to our "Old Days" page. We have been clearing out the cupboards and we have managed to find a few old pictures of the area which we thought you might find interesting. If you happen to find some of your own be they of old friends or street scenes from the area just email them to us and we will publish them on the site.  

Just click on the images to enlarge them.

A fire in the Sint Jacobsstraat in we think the 1920's or 30's
A picture of the street leading from the Cuckoos Nest to The Web. It looks like it was taken again in the 20's or before.
A picture of Sint Jacobsstraat which we think based on the hairstyles and local knowledge was taken in the late 70's
Judging by the dress of the people this is again from the 20's
With that hairstyle were pretty sure this is from the 60's
Finally a close-up picture of THE WEB before it had its "modern day" metal cover applied in the 90's

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